PRINCE II Training

PRINCE II Training Courses - The Cyprus Project Management Society delivers PRINCE2® training courses as an affiliate of CUPE International Ltd (

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2) is a project management methodology.


About the CPMS

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS), is a non-profit organisation  established in February of 2008 with the objective to promote international project management standards and techniques in Cyprus and introduce the benefits from the application of a project management culture...


IPMA Competences

The 3rd version of the ICB, issued in 2006, defines 46 professional competence elements as the elements required by professionals, and divides them into:

  1. 15 behavioural competence elements
  2. 11 contextual competence elements
  3. 20 technical competence elements


Exams & Certification

1. IPMA 4-Level Certification

As the national member association of the International Project Management Association(IPMA), the Cyprus Project Management Society is working closely with the IPMA and its national associations, in order to start promoting the IPMA's 4-Level Certification exams, based on the ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline).

2. Other Professional Certifications

The PRINCE II training and certification course has already been introduced to local project management professionals by the Cyprus Project Management Society.

We are currently in the process to introduce other professional certificates, combined with other delivery methods, in our effort to promote cost-efficient and high-quality courses for the coming year, 2013.

3. Academic certifications

The CPMS is also taking steps to enable its members to gain access to other academic level certificates.

In order to receive additional information on the availability of the exams, the exam requirements and structure, and the other certificates to be offered by the CPMS, please visit our page frequently or feel free to contact us in order to receive updates directly.