PRINCE II Training

PRINCE II Training Courses - The Cyprus Project Management Society delivers PRINCE2® training courses as an affiliate of CUPE International Ltd (

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2) is a project management methodology.


About the CPMS

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS), is a non-profit organisation  established in February of 2008 with the objective to promote international project management standards and techniques in Cyprus and introduce the benefits from the application of a project management culture...


IPMA Competences

The 3rd version of the ICB, issued in 2006, defines 46 professional competence elements as the elements required by professionals, and divides them into:

  1. 15 behavioural competence elements
  2. 11 contextual competence elements
  3. 20 technical competence elements

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